Star Wars
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Format: PS2


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Age Restrictions: 12+
05 May 2005

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi join forces in fierce battles and heroic lightsabre duels until one's lust for power and the other's devotion to duty leads to a final confrontation between good and evil. As Anakin, unleash the power of the Dark Side in ruthless lightsabre and Force attacks. As Obi-Wan, struggle to save the galaxy from darkness by focusing the power of the Light Side into swift and precise lightsabre attacks and using the Force to control enemy actions...

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith gives fans of the movie franchise a sneak preview of the film. You progress through the levels switching between Anakin and Obi-Wan as you fight your way through an army of different droids. Every once in a while you'll be rewarded with a cut scene from the movie.

After completing three or four levels you'll be faced with a different boss - one of the main villains from the film. These, thankfully, are almost impossible to beat on your first attempt, but after a few goes it is very easy to spot your opponent's tactics and know when to attack and when to guard against their blows. And once you know when to attack it's not unlike playing Tekken: If you bash all of the buttons randomly you stand a pretty good chance of doing well.

The game, we are told, follows very closely the plot of the movie. In fact, if you are a hard-core Star Wars fan, I'd advise you don't play this game until after you've seen the final film as it does spoil crucial plot developments.

Hopefully the movie won't be as monotonous as the game. The lightsabre duelling gets very dull, very quickly. And, as this game is almost all lightsabre fights, you may find yourself wishing for a bit more variety. There is the occasional (not even slightly challenging) sections where you take control of large gun cannons. However these are too short and too easy, and seem to have been tagged on in a last minute effort to provide some variety. You are not able to change the control settings for these sections, which is a bit of a pain for those gamers who are used to setting their controls with the up and down movements reversed (which, as any real pilot will tell you, is the proper way controls should be configured).

John Williams score is very well used throughout the game (it was fun, for a soundtrack nut like me, to see how many of the tracks I noticed) as are authentic sound effects from the films.

Star Wars fans will probably lap this up. The lightsabre duels do look fantastic, it's just that a little more variety would have helped this become a must own game.

Nick Smithson

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