Cold Winter

Format: PS2
Vivendi Universal Games


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Age Restrictions: 18+
03 June 2005

You are Andrew Sterling, a disavowed agent caught in the cat-and-mouse manipulations of a shadow intelligence agency. To facilitate its mission this agency now pervades all aspects of politics, national security, and the highest echelons of human society. You must fight through a complex web of intrigue, double cross, and sinister global interest...

Cold Winter is an incredibly addictive first person shooter (FPS) which benefits from a very impressive and well crafted presentation. I know! I know! The market is saturated with FPS and finding anything original is becoming harder and harder. In all honesty if you're looking for something fresh then you won't find it here. But what Cold Winter does do is suck you into its world and keep you glued to the screen.

I did have some issues with Sterling's vulnerability. You have unlimited medication that, assuming you keep an eye on it, ensures you should never die. However you can be hit with loads of bullets and not show much sign of damage, and then one of your enemies can sneak up behind you and beat you to death in seconds.

You can search all you enemies once you've downed then - taking their armour (for all the use it was to them), weapons and other bits that they have about their person - which you can then use to make lock picks, or petrol bombs when combined with items you'll find littered around the gaming area.

The music is fantastic, as are the vocal talents of the actors. This, coupled with the impressive cut sequences add much to the game play.

This is, without a doubt, one of the top 5 FPS games so far released on the PS2.

Nick Smithson

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