Enigma Rising Tide
Gold Edition

Format: PC
Tesseraction Games/Contact Sales

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Age Restrictions: 12+
05 August 2005

Place yourself at the helm of a variety of surface ships and submarines in the role of an American, German or League of Free Nations admiral. Sail with, and against, thousands of other players deploying deck guns, torpedoes, hedgehogs and depth charges. Communicate with your team-mates in encrypted chat channels, evade deadly torpedo aircraft and pluck salvage from the wreckage of enemy vessels. Pit your destroyer against enemy wolf packs or stalk fat merchantmen from the murky depths...

The original version of Enigma Rising Tide was published in 2003. This 'Gold Edition' benefits from a number of additions including new missions, new weapons, remodelled ships with improved textures, more dynamic special effects, direct control of environmental effects, a fully repurposed interface for improved functionality and improved voice command performance. The complete Enigma Rising Tide soundtrack is also included.

Enigma employs a simple control system to make sure you don't have to keep grabbing for the control manual every two minutes. With a simple click of your mouse you can switch from commanding your vessel to manning any one of the battle stations on any of your ships.

Changing your ship's course is relatively simple - you just click where you want to go on. And if you want to "Dive! Dive! Dive!" simply baton down the hatches and click to the required depth. And if you want to manually fire any of the ships weapons, all you have to do is click on the location of the weapon you wish to use on the ship's schematic. Or why not have fun firing torpedoes and depth charges from the comfort of the bridge.

This is one of those games that you'll play for weeks, stick in a cupboard and then dig out every now and then and play again for weeks. Nice graphics, great sound effects and a rousing score help to complete the package.

If you already own the original version, it's probably not worth spending an extra £20 on this 'Gold Edition'. While there are plenty of additions that help add to what was a first class game, but you can probably do without most of them unless you really are a fanatical fan of the original.

Nick Smithson

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