Alien Vs Predator
UMD Movie

Starring: Lance Henriksen
Format: PSP
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: £21.99

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Age Restrictions: 15
05 September 2005

Prepare for the ultimate battle between the most terrifying and iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises. with humans caught in the middle. Since the beginning of time Predators have been coming to Earth to hunt Aliens in an extreme coming-of-age ritual. When the Aliens rebelled the two species fought to the death, and their legend faded into obscurity. Hundreds of years later, Charles Leyland uncovers an ancient pyramid buried under the arctic ice and unwittingly unleashes a centuries old battle...

The introduction of the Sony PSP not only brings with it the ability to play some top notch portable games, you can also play a selection of movies too.

Alien Vs Predator has to be one of the most anticipate movies. Fans of both the Aliens and Predator films have been waiting for this for years. But could it ever really have lived up to the expectations of fans? Probably not. But it does a pretty good job of entertaining the viewer for its duration.

A heat signature is detected in an uninhabited sector of Antarctica. A team of experts is dispatched to investigate. This group's leader, played by Lance Henriksen, explains that an ancient temple has been detected far beneath the ice. This group aren't the only ones interested in this find - a UFO arrives and dispatches three hunter predators. It seems that the human presence in the vicinity has reactivated the dormant alien queen. The next thing the group knows, they are caught in the middle of an Alien versus Predator fight which has been ongoing for thousands of years.

The end result is not half bad - but then to be quite honest when you've got two of the hottest sci-fi monsters in one movie, you'd have a job to mess it up.

In truth there's nothing spectacular here, it's just a good, brainless bit of fun. And, if you come to this with no expectations, you'll be entertained.

Ray Thompson

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