Bet on Soldier
Blood Sport

Format: PC
Digital Jesters

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Age Restrictions: 16+
09 September 2005

War has come to the planet [Read this aloud in your best Vader impression]. An all consuming war that has been going on so long that now it has become a way of life. The organisations which once provided the weapons have become all powerful with profits being the driving force. For the population, that has endured so long, money becomes the overriding reason to live. To this end tournaments of champions are organised where the participants can bet on the outcome. It is the future, a future of
Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport...

In this world you play Nolan Daneworth (I kid you not) a man with a past that is as much a mystery to himself as it is to any who have lost the will to live enough to enquire. Now you may think that your life was bad enough having to sport a name like that, but no, you discover your girlfriend dead. Rather than jump to the obvious conclusion - that she had no intention of being the next Mrs Daneworth - you decide that it's really the work of the Boryenkas Brothers, well known Bet on Soldier champions. So off you go to throw your body into danger in search of the Bonkers Brothers.

Wow, another first person shooter (FPS) set in a relentlessly violent future, where do these guys come up with their ideas? Installation of the game is pretty straight forward, and anyone who has played an FPS will be up and running in no time. There are the usual options for a game like this, with weapons to collect and upgrades stronger than a gallon of red bull, to keep you chasing for that elusive high.

The sound and graphics are nice, and there are some interesting graphical touches within the game, but it looses a little when it comes to sustained atmosphere, which is a shame as its one of the few games not based on a pre-bought graphics engine. So, in an ever burgeoning market why should you fork out your hard earned cash on this piece of code?

Well, the game does have some interesting aspects to it. Firstly it is non-linear, so that when you play through the game you really do get to choose what missions you wish to undertake. Central to the game is the idea of betting. As a mercenary, not in the pay of the corporations, the only way you are going to fund your blood fest is through placing bets on matches and winning. Now this, in itself, is not as exciting as it could be in the single player game, but takes on a whole new meaning when the game is played online. Just how much can you trust your team-mates when they are all betting against you?

So, it's a nice little game with a few original touches which will keep you going if your into first person shooters, but I'm not sure just how long it will keep you interest unless you play it online.

Charles Packer

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