Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 15+
21 September 2005

In the men's room of a diner a mysterious murder takes place. The murderer is an ordinary man. He has no idea who is victim is... But this isn't an isolated incident. Years before, all over New York regular people began killing total strangers. Now, over 20 years later, it looks like history is repeating itself. Is this latest killing the start of something much bigger? Only you can find out...

In Fahrenheit you get to play as the game's four main characters: the murderer (Lucas Kane), the detective assigned to the case (Carla Valenti), her partner (Tyler Miles) and Lucas's priest brother (Markus Kane) as they each try to get to the bottom of the bizarre murder and whether history is repeating itself.

This 3D adventure also employs filmic techniques to make it feel as though you are directing the action yourself. There are some minor problems with this. The main one is that the camera angles become a bit of a pain at certain levels in the game. One minute you are heading one way, then the camera angle changes and you lose your bearings. Also, there are areas where you can't pan the camera around properly.

Before you start the game proper, it's worth checking out the tutorial with the director. This is a really neat introduction to the game. The director explains that the game is like a movie that you call the shots on (which to an extent is true). You control a crashtest dummy to get the hang of the controls. While this was useful I never did get to see the "mental elf" the director was so proudly talking about - must have been his outrageously funny accent.

You start the game as Lucas, immediately after you have killed a complete stranger. You have only a few minutes to hide the body, dispose of the murder weapon and clean the blood up - so that you can leave the diner without raising too much suspicion. The first time I played this my heart really was pumping harder than it should have been.

Once you successfully escape the diner (easier said than done) you change characters and you are now playing as the detective assigned to investigate the crime (Carla Valenti) and her partner (the Shaft-like Tyler Miles) as they work over the crime scene.

The rest of the game sees you switching between these characters (and the murderer's brother) as you uncover the truth behind the killing. What's interesting about this is that you can pick and chose which character you follow (although you still have to play the other characters levels at some point).

Another interesting addition is the way the developers make use of the normally dull, overly long cut sequences. Instead of sitting there letting your mind wander, you have to keep your eyes on the screen as at any minute you may encounter an interactive section. What happens here is that you are given instructions on screen on how to move your analogue sticks in a copycat style, in order to outwit opponents, play instruments or keep your concentration while in a trance. I did have some slight problems with this - mainly due to the fact that sometimes it's not very easy to spot what is flashing when there is other action going on on the screen. But if you turn your TV up nice and bright, that soon solves that problem.

The graphics are amazing - especially when you consider that sometimes I couldn't tell when the cut sequences had ended, and I was in charge of the character. This is especially true in the level where you enter a spooky old house which is home to a mad old woman with a fondness for crows. And I love the way that the developers have made the game feel like you have freedom to do whatever you want. In reality, you are very restricted (obviously, otherwise the storyline wouldn't unravel in the way it is intended) but it feels like you are in total control.

There are a lot of nice little touches too - it really is worth reading all the e-mails and web pages you come across as there are some very funny text gags. The game's sense of humour is also worthy of note. Tyler is the game's light relief. He lives in a house that Shaft would have been proud of and is always ready with an amusing quip.

I loved this game... and I mean really loved it! It's original, addictive, and damn good fun. It's refreshing to be able to play a game from some many different view points. This is destined to become a classic.

Darren Rea

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