Serious Sam II

Format: Xbox

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Age Restrictions: 12+
14 October 2005

The series famous for relentless intensity has returned bigger, better looking and more frantic than ever before. Sam Stone is back to rescue the universe one bullet at a time against overwhelming hordes of time travelling enemies in
Serious Sam II. Built from the ground up with a completely new engine, Serious Sam II delivers a shot of adrenaline to the hearts of first person shooter fans across the world...

Serious Sam II is not the slickest looking game on the Xbox. In fact, to be brutally honest, it looks bloody awful - more like an early PSone game than an Xbox offering. But then the charm of the crudely animated blue people and zombie stockbrokers starts to grow on you after a while.

Sadly though, unless you are online enabled, this game is just not challenging enough. You can finish the off-line story mode over a particularly slack weekend.

The market is swamped with first person shooters (FPS) and there are numerous games that are better looking, more intense, and generally a lot better than this. But there is something about Serious Sam II that just kept me coming back for more.

The levels are big and colourful and the enemies are relentless when they swarm on you in droves, but this mindless fighting soon becomes a little tiring. Those that plan on using their brains for any sort of tactical play will be disappointed. There's only one way to play this: finger firmly held on the fire button while running around like a loon.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is that there is a rather embarrassing typo (I assume) regarding the first 'vehicle' you can travel on. When you approach the dinosaur type creature near the start of the game you are given the option to "enter" it!!??

At heart, Serious Sam II is a good old fashioned FPS with very few surprises. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nick Smithson

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