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Age Restrictions: 18+
11 November 2005

Set in the untamed West of the late-1800s, you play as Colton White, a vengeful gunslinger. Straddle the line between good and evil as you showdown against corrupt lawmen, a murderous preacher, renegade army psychopaths, merciless outlaws and unforgiving Native Americans. Wage your war on horseback, collecting bounties, and commandeering trains. Travel through an action-packed landscape of high mountain wilderness, deserts and bustling territorial towns in an epic story of betrayal, greed, and revenge...

Gun is a pretty impressive looking game that sees you being able to ride horses, shoot outlaws and wander around the Old West looking for gold to mine. First impressions are incredibly positive. The training sections, where you learn to ride horses and how to use your guns, are really good fun - although it's a shame that you never actually have to use the horses for anything important in the main game, other than getting from A to B. However, if you play Pony Express side missions then you will be using your horse to rush around a lot.

There are plenty of neat little touches that make this a fun game. I loved the way that your health meter is topped up by swigging whisky, and that you can enter quick draw mode - which allows you to quickly shoot the bad guys before they have a chance to get a shot off at you. And mining gold in order to collect money is another nice touch.

There are problems though. Firstly there is no multi-player option. Also the main game is over far too quickly. Even the most novice of players will be able to finish this over a weekend. And, while I know this is set in the Old West where things were a little quiet, you can spend a great deal of time wandering around on horse back without encountering another soul. There is the odd bandit wandering around who will attack you, but otherwise there are no other travellers or Indians to see.

It would have been great if you could have taken control of a horse and cart and ferry people around while Indians attack. Or how about taking a wagon train to another city? It's a shame really that a little more wasn't made of the Old West theme.

My advice (and I strongly suggest you follow this) is to break off from the main story mode after each section and do several of the side missions. Then come back to the main story mission every now and then. If you don't, it's very doubtful whether you'll want to be bothered roaming around the towns and Wild West wastelands once you've finished the main game. Also, the side missions allow you to purchase upgrades and extra health bars, as well as get in some much needed practice with your firearms.

Side missions include finding wanted posters around the towns and then tracking down the felons; helping a rancher round up his livestock, or retrieving his missing horses; or helping out the local sheriff to bring peace to his town.

If only a little more thought had gone into this, gamers would have enjoyed explore the wastelands, hunting buffalo or setting up their own community. Instead they just spend ages racing from one town to another with nothing, but beautiful countryside to look at.

Gun is so close to greatness that it's painful.

Pete Boomer

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