WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 16+
11 November 2005

Enter the ring for the fight of your life against top WWE Superstars. The latest game in the WWE SmackDown! vs RAW franchise delivers the most realistic wrestling experience ever. New high-resolution textures and motion-captured technology bring WWE programming to life like never before. The improved fighting system brings a new level of realism and tactical thinking to matches, while the enhanced online mode will create a virtual WWE championship on PS2. Lace up you boots for the definitive wrestling experience that is WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006...

Those that religiously follow this series of games will be pleased to hear that WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 is a very worthy addition to the franchise. Usually, with games in an ongoing franchise, I'd advise buying the earlier version of the game - as they are usually reduced once the new version is released. However, in this instance, you really should pick up this latest release. While last year's (2004) WWE SmackDown vs. Raw game was pretty hot stuff, the 2006 edition has so many additional features that no WWE fan should be without it. In fact there are over 100 different match types to get your teeth into.

This game has a new stamina bar which makes beating up your opponent just that little bit harder. Unlike previous games you can't just lay into your challenger with all the stamina of Superman. As you attack you start to weaken, and every now and then you'll have to keep out of your opponents way and charge up your stamina bar - otherwise you'll collapse on the floor before you know what's happened. This is a great addition to the game, giving it much more realistic gameplay.

There are also several new matches including Buried Alive, Title Match and a new Bar Brawl. Buried Alive is fun - you have to beat your opponent down and then throw them into the awaiting coffin and quickly close the lid.

You can also create your own wrestler (as in previous instalments). This time it seemed a lot easier to actually design a character that looks like you, your boss, school teacher (or anyone else you want to beat up in the ring).

And finally, getting a little silly now, the Bra & Panties mode has vanished (ahhh!) to be replaced by the Fulfil Your Fantasy mode (yay!) Here you get to pick your favourite sexy diva and dress her in a nurse, schoolgirl or French maid outfit. Then it's claws out as you try and rip your opponents costume off, spank them and engage in some pillow fighting... Ah, sexist beyond belief, but very very funny.

Another cracking WWE game that beats all other contenders into submission. This will keep you entertained for months.

Ray Thompson

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