Sky Blue
UMD Movie

Starring (voice): Marc Worden and Cathy Cavadini
Format: PSP
Tartan Video
RRP: £19.99

TMD 8002
Age Restrictions: 15
14 November 2005

The year is 2142. Mankind has exploited the Earth's resources to the limits, leaving it damaged and barren. The sun never manages to penetrate the ominous black clouds that perpetually drift across the sky. Survivors now live in an organic city called Ecoban, controlled by a dictatorial elite who turn away all outsiders seeking refuge. But when Jay, one of the patrol officers, witnesses an accident orchestrated by her superiors to kill the refugees, her loyalties are divided. Such corrupt abuse of power has given rise to a group of resistance fighters, led by Shuda, Jay's former sweetheart. By joining together they hope to restore justice and equality, and find the promised mystical land known as Gibraltar. Here, it is claimed, the sun shines brightly every day showing blue skies again...

Sky Blue (also known as Wonderful Days) is a movie that uses a technique that the creators have dubbed "multi-mation". This involves the use of real 3D model sets combined with CGI and traditional cell animation, to produce a movie with a unique feel.

This process is partly why this movie stands out as a spectacular production. To be honest, the story is not exactly original, and there's not much to it. But, the visual elements make for some of the animation genre's most visually impressive eye-candy. That's not to say that the plot isn't enjoyable - it is. It's just that the visual feel of the film is what really grabs the viewers attention.

For eagle-eyed viewers there's a homage to the early Star Wars movies. Look closely at the costumes in the bicentennial celebrations and you'll spot an AT-AT pilot-like helmet in the crowd.

Extras include the trailer and a trailer reel for other Tartan Video releases.

At the end of the day, this is one hell of an impressive film and certainly one you should be adding to your UMD collection.

Nick Smithson

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