Sonic Rush

Format: Nintendo DS

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Age Restrictions: 3+
18 November 2005

One screen's just not enough for Sonic the Hedgehog as he rushes, races and dashes between both screens with dizzying dives, near vertical curves, extreme jumps and brain-twisting loops over 14 massive levels. Prepare for a whole new duel screen experience, it's a real Sonic rush to the head...

Sonic Rush will be a welcome addition to any Sonic fans collection. It captures the magic of the original Sega releases in a portable capacity.

Those that rushed out to buy the DS when it was launched are probably feeling a bit cheated. On launch day there was a spattering of interesting titles and then nothing. The market seemed to dry up. Thank goodness Sonic Rush has been released to add to, what in all honesty, is a rather poor selection of original games.

The gameplay will be familiar. Each world includes two platform levels, followed by the Boss showdown. The platform levels are split between the two screens of the DS, which makes for interesting playing.

Performing tricks will increase the level of your burst meter, which can then be used to give you a temporary burst of speed. Also, if you have a friend with a DS, you can have head to head races throughout the levels. This is made even cooler by the fact that you only need one copy of the game to access this mode.

Sadly, the developers haven't bothered to make the gameplay any different depending on which character you are playing as. In previous instalments, playing as Tails or Knuckles would offer a slightly different level of gameplay. It doesn't really matter whether you play as Sonic or the new Blaze character - you don't receive any different movements or powers.

At the end of the day though, this is an incredibly entertaining title for the DS, and certainly one that Sonic fans will cherish.

Nick Smithson

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