Thanatos Encounter

Format: Game Boy Colour
Available Now


A group of marines are on their way home after a training mission. Before they reasch Earth they encounter a distress signal from the Thanatos freighter. After failing to establish communications a rescue mission is launched. But the Thanatos is now homw to some rather nasty Aliens...

In Aliens: Thantos Encounter you can choose from a number of young crew members. Once you are killed you must choose another to carry on where you left off.

Not one of the greatest games I have ever played, I have to admit. The graphics are poor, the music dull and the gameplay tiresome. A lot more thought should have gone into this - £24 is not cheap and you can get plenty of quality Playstation games at that price.

I suggest you save your money and buy something with a little more clout. This is dull and over priced.

Ray Thompson