Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Format: Game Boy Colour
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Grab your Fedora and bullwhip and join America's most famous archaeologist in his latest action packed adventure. This time round he is looking for pieces of the legendary Infernal Machine...

In Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine you must whip, shoot and jump your way through a number of levels each more complicated than the rest. There are a number of difficult problems to overcome and you are likely to spend ages walking around the same area for ages before you finally realise how to escape from difficult areas which seem to go nowhere.

The graphics and music are pretty standard fare for this genre but what really sold this game to me was that it was my old mate Indy! Now I can be Indiana Jones and that has to be good - the fact I managed to kill him within the first 20 seconds of my first go is irrelevant.

So grab your whip, put on your dusty old fedora (an old trilby will suffice) and lock yourself in the cellar for a few hours wrapped in cobwebs - this game is great!

Pete Boomer