Star Wars Episode 1
Obi-Wan's Adventures
Format: Game Boy Colour
Available Now

You are the young Obi-Wan Kenobi and must battle the dark side of the force in a bid to defeat the evil Darth Maul
. But life is not quiet that simple, for you must also take on the mighty Trade Federation droids before you can tackle the evil Sith Lord...

If you liked the Playstation version of The Phantom Menace game then you will be in your element here. If you didn't then you'd better stay away.

The game has a repetitive feel about it - shooting droid after droid can get a little tiresome but then this is a genre of game that you'll either love or hate.

The gameplay is easy to get to grips with and its not long before you are swishing your lightsabre around like a true Jedi knight.

This is a fun game and one that THQ can be proud to add to its collection.

Pete Boomer