Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Format: Game Boy Advance
ASIN: 4005209031455


Nerdy Milo Thatch is chosen to participate in an early 20th century expedition in search of the lost city of Atlantis. A linguist by trade, Milo is part of a party that includes a wisecracking cook, a teenage mechanic, an explosives expert, a doctor and The Mole - an expert on digging...

Designed to feed of the expected success of the latest Disney movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire seems a little lost on the Game Boy Advance (GBA). I know the GBA console is still finding its feet, but this game would have equally been at home on the Game Boy Color. The only thing worthy of merit is that the linking scenes between the levels are pretty impressive but these alone won't make many people shell out the £35 asking price.

It is also a little too hard for the casual gamer. I must be getting old, but I couldn't get past the second level - and I spent two weeks trying. Several games experts I know also found the gameplay a little on the hard side. As this is a game aimed at the younger generation I find this inexcusable.

This is a game purely for fans of the movie or those wanting a run-of-the-mill platform game for their GBA. Not a bad game by any standards, just not very original. It's a shame this wasn't released on the Game Boy Color as it would have faired much better.

I did enjoy playing this, but as mentioned earlier I found it too hard, to expensive and not really designed for the GBA.

Pete Boomer