Format: Game Boy Colour
SCi Ltd
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Gerry Anderson's action packed fantasy adventure has been launched on the Game Boy Colour - and not before time.
International Rescue have been called in to deal with 22 missions, spread across eight dangerous environments. Each mission involves one of the famous Thunderbirds crafts as well as members of the team. Your mission is to defeat The Hood, one of the world's foremost villains, in order to successfully complete the game...

For all of you Thunderbirds fans, old and young alike, this is your chance to take control of TB1, TB2, FAB1, TB3, TB4 and the Mole.

Personally, being a huge fan of the original series, I was in heaven playing this dream of a game. Even given the limitations of the Game Boy platform this is still an action packed feast of fun! The game play is pitched just right - being easy enough to get into straight away but just hard enough to keep you going back for more.

If you are a Thunderbird fan this is the game you've been waiting for... If you are a fan of action strategy games you will also find more than enough here to keep you happy!

Pete Boomer