The Prisoner
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Composer: Ron Grainer
Silva Screen
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The Prisoner is one of the most talked-about and discussed TV shows of all time. Its combination of surreal elements and the mundane helped create a programme with an atmosphere all of its own. And part of that process was the programme's use of music - now lovingly gathered together across three CDs by those nice people at Silva Screen.

First, let's praise the company for doing such a thorough job on the packaging and design, then let's compliment them on the audio quality, and finally, let's commend them for the clever use of sound bites from the series to help place the music in context. If only all soundtracks were given this lavish treatment - but Silva Screen has never been a label to do things by halves.

In truth, much of the music on these discs will only be of interest to hardcore fans of the show - of which there are plenty - but that's not a criticism, it's just hard to imagine a casual listener wanting several version of the theme and a bunch of library tunes so maybe's there's room for a 'Best of.' compliation as well.

But if you like The Prisoner then even the naff will have you excited - and so it should. The series often relied on a juxtaposition of images and sounds to create its moods and with these three CDs you'll be able to revisit the Village as often as you want.

Be seeing you...

Anthony Clark


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