The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Composer: John Williams
Silva Screen
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Between 1981 and 1989 John Williams helped set the mood for three Indiana Jones movies. Already available as three separate soundtracks, now Silva Screen has released a compilation of some of the highlights from all three of the movie recordings...

The main problem with a collection like this is that what constitutes the best tracks is very subjective. I never liked the tracks Airplane Fight from Raiders of the Lost Ark and No Ticket from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and felt that there were at least half a dozen other tracks which better captured the spirit of these movies - but then that is just my opinion.

Silva Screen released an extended soundtrack to Raiders of the Lost Ark a few years ago (which contained many more tracks than were on the original release but still composed and conducted by John Williams). Because I know the original recordings from all three movies inside out I could tell straight away that this new collection was noticeably different in arrangement than the original recordings.

While listening to some tracks I winced as the mixing concentrated on different areas of the orchestra than the original recordings, or certain notes seemed to have been changes ever so slightly. And, on more than a couple of occasions, I'm sure I heard a slightly out of key instrument somewhere in the background.

However, as I said before, I know these tracks so well that only a direct copy of the original recordings would have kept me totally happy. But then, as I listened more, I noticed that some of these mixing changes and note changes actually improved upon John Williams score (if that is possible). For every moment I winced there was another moment when I smiled.

Interestingly, this collection includes the title theme from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Cole Porter's Anything Goes) - while not the original recording or singer this is still an interesting addition and there is also an English version of the song included.

The collection is also recorded in Dolby Surround which gives another interesting dimension to the scores. Although, the vocals for Anything Goes only come out of the centre speaker which makes hearing what is being sung difficult.

I grew up with the original soundtracks and have to say that Silva Screen have done a pretty good job with this collection. If you don't own the original soundtracks then this is the next best thing.

Darren Rea


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