Primal: Music from the Sony Playstation2 Game

Composers: Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold
Silva Screen
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To accompany the Playstation 2 video game
Primal, Sony Computer Entertainment has boldly commissioned a stunning symphonic score. Primal is a story-driven game of exploration, combat and puzzles, presented through the experiences of Jen and Lewis, a present-day, human couple drawn into discord by eternal forces...

The soundtrack to Primal is indeed a bold move by the game producers and Silva Screen Records. But then Silva Screen has always been at the forefront of releasing quality soundtracks that cover a niche market.

Yet again, this has paid off. Bob & Barn (Paul Arnold and Andrew Barnabas) have crafted a work of beauty. From the opening, haunting theme you know that you are listening to something much more impressive than just another soundtrack for a game. This is certainly music worthy of a blockbuster movie.

The composers are obviously themselves huge fans of film scores as there are countless nods to famous composers. Raum & Empusa is inspired by the great John Williams; A Prince in Chains owes a lot to Howard Shores music for Silence of the Lambs and, more obviously Dead Ringers. And The Turbulent Depths is a nod to James Horner's Star Trek work. It's almost as though someone had asked the World's best known film composers to come together and help write new music for Primal.

Bob & Barn's work is amazing and the fact that the majority of the music was composed in just five weeks is unbelievable.

I am reviewing this soundtrack before having seen the game, but to be quite honest I couldn't care less whether Sony have a winner on their hands. The soundtrack is wonderfully captivating and I'm going to have to buy the game to see if as much love has gone into constructing it.

This is one of the finest soundtracks I have heard in a long time. I can't wait for Bob & Barn's move into film composition.

Darren Rea


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