The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Composers: Jerry Goldsmith & various
FSM Silver Age Classics
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For people of a certain age - probably over 40 - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964-68) was 'the' 60s spy show to end them all. Forget the rest, of which there were plenty, the exploits of Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) were head and shoulders above the opposition and their adventures, normally pitted against the evil Thrush organisation, were a crucial part of the week's viewing. However, up until now no original music was available from the show which was a shameful omission considering that much of its was penned by Jerry Goldsmith and Lalo Schifrin. Now, thanks to Film Score, this oversight has been corrected with the release of a double CD of music from the series.

In addition to suites drawn from the three first-season Goldsmith scores, the album includes music by Lalo Schifrin, Morton Stevens, Walter Scharf, Gerald Fried, Robert Drasnin and Richard Shores. The music has been remastered from the original monaural session tapes, with fourth-season music remixed in stereo. And the finished product couldn't be better, just what we U.N.C.L.E. fans have always wanted.

The only potential problem is that the release is limited to just 3000 copies so you might want to order your set now by clicking here.

Channel D is once again open for action...

Anthony Clark


  • First Season Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:45
  • The Vulcan Affair (Jerry Goldsmith) 14:01
  • The Deadly Games Affair (Jerry Goldsmith) 11:48
  • The Double Affair (Morton Stevens) 6:51
  • The Project Strigas Affair (Walter Scharf) 7:14
  • The King of Knaves Affair (Jerry Goldsmith) 12:22
  • The Fiddlesticks Affair (Lalo Schifrin) 6:30
  • Meet Mr. Solo (Jerry Goldsmith) 2:05
  • First Season End Title (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:49
  • Second Season End Title (Goldsmith, arr. Schifrin) 0:49
  • The Alexander the Greater Affair (Gerald Fried) 13

  • Total Time: 77:05

  • The Foxes and Hounds Affair (Robert Drasnin) 5:16
  • The Discotheque Affair (Gerald Fried) 8:49
  • The Re-Collectors Affair (Robert Drasnin) 6:29
  • The Arabian Affair (Gerald Fried) 5:29
  • The Tigers Are Coming Affair (Robert Drasnin) 4:20
  • The Cherry Blossom Affair (Gerald Fried) 5:12
  • The Dippy Blonde Affair (Robert Drasnin) 7:50
  • Third Season End Title (Goldsmith, arr. Fried) 0:39
  • The Her Master's Voice Affair (Gerald Fried) 4:50
  • The Monks of St. Thomas Affair (Gerald Fried) 7:37
  • The Pop Art Affair (Robert Drasnin) 4:50
  • Fourth Season Main Title (Goldsmith, arr. unknown) 0:32
  • The Summit-Five Affair (Richard Shores) 5:52
  • The "J" for Judas Affair (Richard Shores) 8:03
  • Total Time: 76:08