The Third Man

Composer: Anton Karas
Silva Screen
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Arguably one of Britain's greatest post-war thrillers, The Third Man managed to top the British Film Institute's Top 100 list between 1999/2000.

The movie sees Holly Martins, a down on luck pulp western author, searching for his old school friend Harry LIme. The story draws its characters into the dark world of ruined and rubble-strewn post war Vienna. Here morality is lax, and illegal trafficking of all kinds pervades - from smuggling shoes and tires to watered-down penicillin that can kill or mentally maim its users.

Composer, Anton Karas, was discovered performing on his zither in a Viennese tavern and the producers envisaged his style as the right feel for the movie music of the streets, sidewalk cafes and once proud boulevards.

This new digital recording comes complete with a number of samples quotes from the move - which can be removed from your playlist if you think these might detract from the music.

Silva Screen's release of the soundtrack also comes equipped with some video footage of Gertrud Huber performing the Harry Lime Theme. There are also a number of orchestral renditions of some of the more popular tracks.

The music does exactly what it is supposed to for the film. However, more traditional soundtrack enthusiasts may become weary of the sound of the zither rather quickly.

A beautiful album which deserves a place in any serious film buff's soundtrack collection.

Nick Smithson


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