Driv3r - The Soundtrack

Artists: Various
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Available 14 June 2004

Drive around Miami, Nice and Istanbul listening to the sounds of the city with the latest version of
Driv3r on PS2 of Xbox... or queue in traffic jams in the UK listening to the sounds of Driv3r. Either way the music rocks...

The soundtrack to Driv3r is different to other game soundtracks that have gone before. Unlike, the collections to games like Grand Theft Auto, this is not merely a collection of classic hits. It collects together some new up and coming groups with linking vocals by Iggy Pop.

This collection should cater to most tastes. Some of my personal favourites though, are the opening haunting sound of Mellowdrone's C'mon and Try, Iggy's Gimme Danger (proving that the man still has it); Slo-Mo's (whose lead singer sounds very like Spaced's front man) Boy From the City; Syntax's hypnotic Destiny; and Okuniev's Ripe for the Devil.

But, it is Iggy's haunting voice over throughout this album that is the real driving force here - he is supposed to be a sort of radio DJ, the voice of the city if you like. And it works really well.

This CD also come with a short film on the making of the console game (which has to be about the most disappointing release for some years.

The game might be a bit ropey, but this soundtrack is the business.

Nick Smithson


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