Thunderbirds 2
Original Television Soundtrack

Composer: Barry Gray
Silva Screen
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The Second volume of never before released original music from the Thunderbirds SuperMarionation show features recordings that have been carefully restored and edited from Barry Gray's own archives courtesy of The Barry Gray Estate and Carlton International...

Thunderbirds is remembered for a number of things but the chances are that if you mention the show to someone one of the first thing they'll do is hum the signature tune. But it was not just the music used in the opening credits that gave the programme so much of its character - throughout the episodes the work of composer Barry Gray stands out as a regular highlight.

It's therefore great to have a second CD of incidental music from the best remembered of all the Anderson shows. And it's a credit to the composer that it's possible to release a further batch of his work every bit as good as the first disc - this is not collection of leftovers. In fact, there really isn't a single dud moment on this disc - every track is a winner.

Perhaps the most interesting inclusion is the abandoned closing credits song. This version differs from the two takes that have been circulating on the Internet for some years - although not greatly - and as such must rate as the rarest Barry Gray composition.

So yet again, Silvascreen has produced a mini masterpiece with great packaging and an informative booklet, well illustrated with photos from the show. Should you buy it? Do you need to ask?

Anthony Clark

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