Carry On
Music and Dialogue From 20 Years of Carry On Films (1958-1978)

Composers: Eric Rogers, Bruce Montgomery and Max Harris
Silva Screen
RRP £14.95
Available 04 October 2004

Carry On represents the very essence
of British comedy. Since originating in 1958, Carry On brings to mind saucy humour, larger than life characters and riotous slapstick situations. This collection collects the best original music from each Carry On film between 1958 and 1978, edited into a musical suite with key amusing dialogue from each film...

20 Years of Carry On Films collects together some of the music and classic British humour in a two disc CD collection. This gets off on the right foot, with six and a half minutes of music and dialogue from Carry On up the Khyber - one of my personal favourite Carry On movies.

Silva Screen have divided the movies into a number of themes, rather than list them in chronological order. These include: (Military) Services with a Smile; Doctor's and Nurses; Criminal Investigations; Helping Hands; Holiday Camp; Hello, Ladies (Ding, Dong); and History Through the Ages. This collection also includes an interesting booklet which gives a little background information on the films included here.

While you'd expect the classic movies to be given more coverage, that's not always the case. While Carry on Camping (9:21); and Carry On Cleo (10:40) all get larger outings, there are some very disappointing entries. I would have loved to have heard more from: Carry On at Your Convenience (5:55); Carry On up the Khyber (6:33); Carry On Loving (6:10); Carry On up the Jungle (3:35); and Carry On Dick (3:35).

While I originally thought this collection was a good idea, on reflection it seems a little bit pointless. If the music tracks had been released on their own then I could understand Carry On fanatics wanting to own this collection. And, while it was great to hear Stanley Unwin's gobbledegook again in Carry On Regardless, what we are left with are random moments of some of the funnier dialogue.

The end result has dialogue obscuring the majority of the films' scores. This being the case, you are probably better off just getting out your Carry On DVDs and videos and watching them instead.

Pete Boomer

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