Trekkies 2
The Official Soundtrack

Artists: Various
Reboot Music
RRP £14.79
Available 11 October 2004

The stars of Paramount
Pictures' Trekkies 2 take their fandom to red alert in creating some of the most entertaining music heard this side of the Alpha Quadrant. Boldly go where no soundtrack has gone before with Trek-inspired music from rock gods Warp 11, Klingon metal warriors Stovokor, "filk" (science fiction folk) innovator Leslie Fish, filk teenagers Angelica and Athrylis Sather Hodgetts, punk rock savans No Kill I and their spawn No Kill I: Deep Space Nine and No Kill I: The Next Generation...

The official soundtrack to Trekkies 2 is an odd release. It showcases a wide variety of music from the death metal screechings of Klingon band Stovokor, to the Trek folk songs (filk) of Leslie Fish.

The majority of songs on this collection are very tongue in cheek and there is something rather entertaining about listening to Klingons performing death metal tracks and Warp 11 singing about William Shatner.

It was actually the filk tracks that I was most disturbed by. You could almost imaging (horror of horrors) the singers closing their eyes, in that way that somehow makes you feel physically ill, while they sing. I've seen religious groups where the members behaved exactly like the filk fans on Christian weekends. The Expendable Guy track I held in the same regard as I would a song written and performed by a small boy with no real talent, but a critical medical condition - it was pants, but everyone politely applauds it. In fact anyone could get up on stage and rant any old crap and they'd probably whoop and cheer.

No, stick to Stovokor and you won't go wrong - that is the spirit of Trekkies.

The amusing sound bites between each music track help to keep this CD from taking itself too seriously and they do manage to link the tracks together pretty well.

I don't really know who this collection will really appeal to, other than the extreme members of Trek fandom. But there is something hypnotically attractive about it.

Nick Smithson

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