The Incredible Film Music Box

Artists: Various
Silva Screen
RRP £17.79
SILCD 1181
Available 14 March 2005

Celebrate 65 years of film music from the biggest box-office hits of all-time. From Max Steiner's lush theme for
Gone With The Wind which defines the magic of the cinema through to Michael Giacchino's powerful music for the state-of-the-art The Incredibles, this is a journey through a wonderland of some of the most evocative themes from the silver screen. This lavish collection provides an instant entry point to the greatest cinema music of our time...

The Incredible Film Music Box is a fantastic four disc collection, but whether this is to your taste will depend very much on your interest in soundtracks - if you only really want an album that collects together the main themes of some of the greatest movies of all time (and a few not so hot) then you'll love this collection.

Serious movie buffs might like to give it a wide berth though. During the 80s I was a huge soundtrack collector (yes, I know - I am a geek) so for the majority of tracks from the third disc I already own the entire album for each movie. As is to be expected with compilations of this kind, the tracks that are included are either the main themes, or those tracks which are the most famous.

And it's getting tiresome how many movie compilations are starting to include the same tracks. Yup, you've guessed it the following are included: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Psycho, Blade Runner and Titanic. So if you already own a few compilation albums, the chances are you are going to have quite a few of the tracks already. It would have been refreshing to see some of the other music from these movies instead of trotting out the same piece of music. For example, why not include the Well of the Souls track from Raiders of the Lost Ark instead of the Raiders March? I couldn't listen to the third disc - especially when the tracks chosen don't necessarily represent the best music from each movie - but as I mentioned earlier it's a good overall collection of main themes.

There are some fantastic tracks on the fourth disc - which have whetted my appetite to get back into collecting soundtracks. In fact, as we speak I'm about to hot foot it to Amazon and see if I can buy the full soundtrack to Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan.

As compilation albums go, this is about as near to perfection as you are going to get. The question is do you want another compilation album in your collection?

Nick Smithson

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