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Silva Screen
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SILCD 1186
Available 02 May 2005

Cursed was a film that was pretty much panned by the critics. Having never seen it I can't really comment on the film, so I approached this from the idea that would I want to see a film that had this soundtrack? I can't say that I was anymore clearer after listening to the CD, other than to think that this comes over as the usual forgettable summer teen slasher flick.

Most of the music is from bands which I didn't recognise and sounded like the stuff that emanated, way too load, from a fourteen year old's (with emotional issues - though I think that's most of them, to tell the truth) bedroom. A quick search of the net showed that some of the bands like Gus Gus appear to have had quite a successful career whilst others are lagging a bit behind. This, of course, could just be a Eurocentric view point, for all I know these bands sell millions of records in the States, but somehow I don't think so.

Overall, the feeling was one of "heard better". Most of the bands sound like they are just starting out, showing their influences on their sleeves. Most of them are reminiscent of similar, but much better bands. I would hate to go through the list of all the bands to say who they sounded almost like, as they are universally poor copies of other better bands.

Not all were dire though. I quite liked Reno's Still Need Your Love, but hey that's dance music which is quite generic, so how far wrong can you go with a good dance beat behind you? Gus Gus were interesting with If You Don't Jump. But once again how far wrong can you go with a drum machine and a good programmer? The most interesting track on the CD was Freaks Come Out at Night which had a kinda funky rap thing going on.

The disc comes with four bonus tracks which hold the most fascinating music, presumably composed by Marco Beltrami, who has done a number of film soundtracks; heads down guys here comes a professional.

So, would I buy the album? Guess I might if I had seen the film and loved it. Overall, regardless of the sub-genre of the music, I have to say I've heard better.

Charles Packer

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