A Dirty Shame
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Artists: Various
Silva Screen
RRP: £14.99
SILCD 1175
Available 04 July 2005

Tracey Ullman and Johnny Knoxville star in John Waters's latest comedy about a middle-aged frump who becomes a sex addict overnight after suffering concussion in a road accident...

You know what level you're at when you hear Connie Vannett's The Pussy Cat Song. Ms Vannett regales us with a song about her sore, wet, hot, bald and free pussy. Are You Being Served's Mrs Slocombe would have blushed. Or what about Faye Richmonde singing Tony's Got Hot Nuts - apparently "they are sweet, all the little girls like to eat." Or what about Johnny Burnette's Eager Beaver Baby?

But hey! This is the soundtrack to a John Waters movie for crying out loud. What were you expecting? Waters's fans will love this collection - as will anyone who has a twisted sense of humour. It's kitsch, camp, vulgar, funny, classy and certainly worth adding to your collection.

The album opens on the right note. James Intveld's Let's Go Sexin' is almost hypnotic and certainly likely to put you in a raunchy mood, and to be honest there isn't a bad track here - all have their certain charm, if you have a sense of humour.

While it won't be to everybody's tastes, it's certainly an album you can put on at parties to break the ice.

Pete Boomer

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