The Shield
Music From the Streets

Artists: Various
Silva Screen
RRP: £11.95
SILCD 1193
Available 05 September 2005

In the tough and morally ambiguous world of formula breaking cop show
The Shield, the line between good and bad is crossed every day. This soundtrack represents an aggressive and diverse mix of street music from this gritty TV series, featuring songs from all four seasons of the show, and new exclusive reworkings of the theme...

The Shield: Music From the Streets is a strange collection of in-your-face tracks that scream their message at you. There are no beautifully stirring songs here; nothing to sit back and relax to. In fact, after listening to this album, you'll be so pumped up that you'll need to go and work out to chill yourself out.

You're really going to have to be a dedicated follower of either The Shield or metal/rap to really appreciate this album.

Hating Hollywood's Theory of a Deadman is one of the better (less ear smashing) inclusions, and The Black Maria's Betrayal and Tantric's Breakdown are the only two tracks that I felt had a wider appeal.

Cuiden a Los Ninos's Brujeria starts even more annoyingly than that bloody Crazy Frog ringtone and then descends into chaos and if you strip the naff rapping out of Kelis featuring Martika's Mafia, then that's pretty entertaining too.

At the end of the day this represents a collection of tracks which all sound too similar, from bands whose albums you would never buy. While each song might accompany the TV show beautifully (and they do!) as stand alone tracks they are a little too flat. One for serious fans of the show only.

Pete Boomer

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