Starring: Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman & James King
Momentum Pictures
Certificate: 15
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They are the three biggest scammers on campus and with a combination of arrogance and wit there is nothing they can't do. But when this trio get caught cheating on their finals by super geek Cool Ethan they have to pull every trick in the book to save their skins. Ethan will let their little secret out of the bag unless they help him get a date with one of the college's most attractive girls...

Slackers looks like it could be a turkey, but it is very funny. By far and away the best character is Ethan - who is so sad he has given himself the nickname Cool Ethan. Ethan's room is a shrine to the woman of his dreams but she doesn't even know he exists. He follows her around videoing her and even collects her hair and has made it into a hair doll with whom he converses on a regular basis. Will he finally get the chance to date her now that he is blackmailing three cool kids to help him? Get a hold of a copy and find out.

The movie is loosely based around the romantic Cyrano de Bergerac tale - but there is no room for romance here (well, not much). Jason Schwartzman (Cool Ethan) is a little too good looking to play such a nerd - he looks like a cross between Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise - so the writers have turned him into a borderline basketcase for good measure.

There is even a very funny cameo appearance from Cameron Diaz (oh and watch after the final credits have rolled because she appears again). There is only one scene that is embarrassing to watch. It is supposed to be romantic, but comes across as sentimental rubbish, but ignore that scene it only lasts for a few minutes and then Ethan spoils everything by waltzing in.

While this won't be everyone's cup of tea I found it to be a well thought out and hilarious teen movie. Well worth getting hold of - the sock ventriloquism scene still cracks me up.

Pete Boomer