Lost on Mars
Voyage 1

Starring: David Long, Megan Glosser, Gretchen Maxwell & Julia Gommell
Westfield Entertainment Group
Certificate: uncertified
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The first manned mission to Mars is scheduled for routine planetary space exploration. However, the mission is drastically changed once Earth receives a strange signal transmitted by a probe on Mars. Once the three young astronauts land on Mars, they find a device that sends them spiralling back to a time when the ruthless Siperion Empire controls Mars. Their only chance of escaping from the past is to find the time device that they brought them there in the first place...

Lost on Mars is a cheap and cheerful production from Eric Shook. It is pretty obvious that very little money has been spent on special effects, music or costumes. But that really doesn't detract from the fact that at its heart Lost on Mars has an intriguing plot.

Anyone expecting Academy Award winning performances is going to be very disappointed. Most of the actors deliver their lines with very little in the way of acting ability. There is only really Eric Shook, John T Oertling and the very sexy Kelly Wilson who come anywhere near pulling off half believable performance.

Some of the acting is embarrassing to watch (and the very last scene ends with an almost hysterical laugh which is awfully false.) On top of this the production is just too long to keep your attention. At least 30 minutes should have been shaved off the 87 minute running time.

Having said that, praise should be heaped onto Shook for pulling the whole thing off on such a small budget. And as a first attempt at full-length movie making this is not too bad (if you ignore the acting).

The sequel, Empire of Danger, is almost completed and looks a lot more promising. I suggest that you keep your eye on Shook as I am sure he will go on to achieve much in the world of movie making.

Nick Smithson