Frazetta: Painting With Fire

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For the last half century, Frank Frazetta has dominated the art world with his images of fierce warriors, helpless princesses, and fantastical creatures set in the most lavish landscapes. His impact upon the worlds of Fantasy Art and Film has been unparalleled. Journey with us to a place where up until now, only the privileged have been, and witness the man behind the legend...

The first thing to say about Frazetta: Painting With Fire is that that the presentation of the documentary is extremely impressive. Whether you are a huge fan of his work, or have never heard of him this video sucks you into his world. If you were not a fan of his before you start watching this, you will be by the time you have finished.

Frank Frazetta's artwork is legendary but until I saw this video I didn't know that much about the man behind the work. I didn't realise that Frazetta was an athlete before he became an artist. But it makes sense as he seems to have a phenomenal understanding of how the body's muscular system works - anyone who has seen his work will know what I mean.

There are plenty of artists and writers willing to give their thoughts on Frazetta's work. Simon Bisley also pops up from time to time to give his thoughts on the artist. Bisley is an artist who I always thought was hugely influenced by Franzetta. The only down side is that I was a little disappointed about how arrogant Franzetta is. He is a genius... and he knows it. I like my heroes to be a bit more humble.

Anyone seriously interested in any form of fantasy art should get their hands on a copy of this extraordinary documentary.

Nick Smithson