Empire of Danger
Voyage II

Starring: Traci Aims, Tatum Green, Caleb Howard, Samantha Shook and Cindy Tozer
Westfield Entertainment Group
Certificate: uncertified
Available now

A newly designed spacecraft capable of travelling through time is sent to Mars to rescue a crew previously lost. The crew of the new vessel are sent to the wrong time, years later than the first crew. Once they land on Mars, they discover that it is a place where Barbarians rule. The leader of this race is a female battle warrior named Giza who wants to take control of the Earth ship in order to complete her plan to steal the ancient power of the Masha. With this power, she will gain complete control of the Siperion Empire...

I'm still not sure whether Empire of Danger was supposed to be a sequel to Lost on Mars or whether the writer was trying to smooth out the cracks in the first movie. This sequel sees a new crew attempting to rescue the old crew from the first film, but other than that there is very little that sets them apart.

The acting is better, just, and the addition of a few nice CGI shots add a little to the first movie, but all in all I felt a little cheated sitting through what is really a remake. I understand the need to revisit past storylines if you are short of ideas, but why not experiment a little. Hell, why not knock the whole mission to Mars thing on the head and try a different story?

Apart from this, rather large, complaint I found Empire of Danger to be fairly entertaining. If you ignore the, at times, awful acting and rather silly script then this is watchable. What I wanted more of was the scary torturer. Now there was a woman who through herself into the part and the effects used to show her victim's fingernails being torn off still makes me cringe.

If you've seen the first movie and really loved it, then you might enjoy this, but personally I preferred the original.

Average stuff.

Nick Smithson