Starring: Krista Morin, Nicole Eggbert, Kim Poirier and Stefanie von Pfetten
Mosaic Entertainment
Certificate: 15
Available 16 August 2004

On Halloween a young man delivering flowers makes a gruesome discovery of two decayed bodies. Cut to a college where freshman Luke meets two girls in the laundry room who give him the come-on. He later goes to their room which is ice-cold and, hiding in the wardrobe, sees tentacles writhe from their torsos as they drink in N2 gas. Luke's friend Roger is invited by the same girls to a sorority party. Luke's 'alien' date goes off with the captain of the hockey team, whose body is discovered the next morning frozen from the inside. Luke makes it his mission to reveal the true nature of the girls with hidden cameras, while Roger just wants to get his end away. It becomes evident that the girls thrive on extreme cold and extreme heat kills them. Bring on Luke, the flame throwing exterminator...

As time goes by it undoubtedly becomes increasingly difficult to deliver the goods in horror in an innovative and refreshing manner. I for one involuntarily make comparisons with the classics that have gone before. The opening of Decoys reminded me of a scene-setter from John Carpenter's Halloween; though I suppose that was inevitable when you see young trick or treaters in a small town.

Once we arrive at the college location for the film it appears to turn into a teen adolescent kill-by-numbers. You know the kind of thing: parties, booze, girls... death! In this instance it is the girls that mean death, and not in the manner you might imagine, although it comes pretty close! Remember when your mother warned you about girls with tentacles which emerge from their torsos, and how no good would come of it? What do you mean you were absent that day?

Anyway, the point is this is considerably better than the usual high school drivel we have come to expect from teen horror. Like The Faculty, this works. The girls are genuinely alluring; there's the human touch of Roger's girl falling in love with him and not wanting to risk killing him by spawning; and the film has many humorous moments, although I'm not entirely convinced all of them were meant.

The special effects are sensibly kept low-key but are generally impressive. Okay, it's not Alien (it's a league below it), but it is worth 90 minutes of your time as a bit of fun. I would just say that the twist in the tale is nonsensical, as the betrayal is totally out of character from the rest of the movie.

Ty Power