Starring: Colin Firth and Mena Suvari
Warner Home Video
Certificate: 15
Available 21 February 2005

Ben awakes from a week-long coma to discover he has been in an accident in which his wife died of injuries sustained. As his whole life begins to fall apart he attempts to get it back on track by moving into an apartment building under repair. We also see him visiting a psychiatrist. His attractive neighbour strikes up a relationship, but Ben begins to see his wife in public places and is convinced she is still alive...

Trauma is a film which actively defies positive adjectives, except for perhaps it's not overly long. Maybe that's being a little too unkind, but there's definitely no spark.

"Gripping thriller..." says The News of the World quote on the packaging; er, no, not even close. My Little Eye, also by director Marc Evans emerged into a bright light of film company hype which described it as original and a rewriting of the horror genre. It wasn't original; even back then Big Brother and other reality stuff wasn't new. As for rewriting the genre; it was basically a slasher movie, it simply took longer to show it's colours.

Similarly in Trauma, you get the impression Evans thought he was making something special - a true psychological insight into how we tick, particularly after being traumatised. Believe me, although not derisory, it's certainly nothing special. Nor is it insightful; this idea has been tackled a handful of times before, and much more competently, by half-hour anthology shows.

It was obvious to me from early on that Ben was crazy, but just in case any viewer is particularly slow the fact is constantly waved in their face with ant-crawling dreams and a series of other set pieces.

Colin Firth and Naomie Harris deserve better material than this.

Ty Power