Enterprise 1.3

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP 13.99
Certificate: PG
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There's something hiding in the wake of the Enterprise, cloaked and invisible. Fortunately the occupants of the mystery craft, the Xyrillian, are friendly and they were just using Star Fleet's finest for a tow as their engines have failed. Chief engineer Trip Tucker offers to go help and makes a new friend during his stay on the Xyrillian ship. Unfortunately, a little harmless hand-holding ends up being something more serious - Tucker gets pregnant.

In Unexpected we get to see that Trip is no ordinary guy, oh no. Faced with pregnancy he just shrugs it off and looks a bit sheepish which is exactly how the script writer should feel for penning such mindless pap.


Seventy years after disappearing off in trace of Terra Nova - a new home-from-home planet not unlike Earth - the children of the original colonists are found by Captain Archer and his crew. Unfortunately, things have gone very wrong - the planet is poisoned and the human descendants have turned into cave-dwelling savages. And to make matters worse, they're all going to die because of a nasty toxin in the soil deposited by a passing asteroid. Unwilling to enforce a mass evacuation of Terra Nova and unable to tell the planet's inhabitants what's going on - they're savages remember - Archer has to find a plan to save the last remnants of one of Earth's earliest attempts at colonisation..

Slow, badly paced and generally overloaded with cod moralising, Terra Nova feels like an early Next Gen episode - that's right, dull.

Anthony Clark

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