Rat Race

Starring: Rowan Atkinson, John Cleese, Whoopi Goldberg & Seth Green
Pathé Distribution Ltd
Certificate: 12
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Eccentric casino millionaire Donald Sinclair invites a collection of random characters to race from Las Vegas to New Mexico for a prize of two million dollars. The contestants think it's far too easy to be true - and they're right - everything that could possibly go wrong does, and soon even the most strait-laced among them are lying, cheating and back-stabbing to get their paws on the cash. Meanwhile, Sinclair is organising another giant gambling game in which he lures his wealthy patrons to bet on the contestants and anything and everything else they can think of...

Rat Race is loosely, and I do mean loosely, based on the Hollywood classic It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. The basic premise stays the same - a group of misfits all racing to get their hands on the money - but the rest of the movie is totally original.

There are plenty of laugh out load moments and excellent cameo roles including Kathy Bates as a squirrel loving nutter. There is a bus full of I Love Lucy lookie-likies on their way to a convention and a trip to a doll museum doesn't quiet turn out as planned.

Rowan Atkinson play an Italian Mr Bean and John Cleese plays... John Cleese as usual. But the rest of the cast pull in above average performances.

Ok, this ain't exactly Academy Award winning stuff. The jokes are very un-PC and most of them can be spotted a mile away, but Rat Race has a certain charm. But be warned - the ending is so sickly sweat that sick bags should be given away with the video.

If you want a no nonsense, slapstick comedy with a laugh a minute, then you will love this.

Pete Boomer

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