Star Trek: Next Generation
Vol 4.8

Starring: Patrick Stewart
CIC Video
VHR 4759
Certificate: PG
Available now

Dr Crusher - did anyone ever think that was a funny name? - develops a crush - ah, there's the answer - for Ambassador Odan. But would you believe it, he's predictably becomes very ill...

The Host is yet another of those Next Gen morality tales, this time about a symbiotic relationship between species. And because it's about the Enterprise doctor it's all very dull.


Geordi gets brainwashed by the Romulans and turned into a killer who is to be used to assassinate a leading Klingon dignitary. And his orders will come from a spy onboard the Enterprise.

The Mind's Eye boasts a plot, atmosphere, intrigue and a touch of suspense. It also gives Geordi something different to do which makes for a refreshing change.


Emotionally wounded Jenna turns to friend Data for comfort. and before you can say "I saw this a mile off" she's fallen for him...

In Theory also sees Data gets confused while the audience thinks about defrosting the fridge.


Picard gets to chose the next Klingon Emperor - so much for democracy - while all the time the Romulans plot the fall of the Empire...

Blood wine, honour, family feuding and much Klingonese phlegm rattling follows (K-plah!) - all in the twilight that is the Klingon home world. But it strangely works. Redemption sets up a quite respectable end of season cliff-hanger.

Anthony Clark

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