Star Trek: Voyager
Vol 7.9

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5179
Certificate: PG
Available now

The crew of Voyager are still unaware that they are living lives that have been given to them by a regime keen to 'recruit' trained workers for its understaffed power plant. But can Chakotay convince Janeway of who she really is before it's too late and what of her new love interest? Which side will he take?...

If the first half of Workforce was hard work in parts then this second instalment is often enforced rock-breaking labour. Every time is appears to get back on its feet the episode is overwhelmed by yet another wave of sentiment which is strangely at odds with the unfolding plot of kidnapping and enforced labour.

Seven uses up the entire crew's holodeck time - or so it seems - living out her sexual fantasies. By day she's still the ice cold ex-Borg - by night she's a steamy vamp shagging a virtual Chakotay...

There's also some totally dull sub-plot about space mines which in combination with the main narrative should make Human Error a real turkey. Strangely, this is not the case: the episode is really quite good despite the seemingly endless stream of 'Seven finds her humanity' stories we've already had to endure almost weekly ever since the character was first introduced.

Anthony Clark

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