Star Trek
Voyager 7.2

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5172
Certificate: PG
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Star Fleet turns racing team in an attempt to sure up a peace process. Apparently, by entering into a galactic Formula 1 race the Voyager crew can help ensure that a newly signed peace treaty will last. Unfortunately, pit lane trickery means that the race is destined for an explosive finish.

Drive seems more like an endurance test than a race, and the plot, thin as it is, makes little sense. Add dull alien characters and you have an bum numbing experience that ranks alongside Klingon opera.


Who is knocking out Voyager's crew? And is it a coincidence that everyone being effected is Maquis? It soon becomes clear that Star Fleet's political history is far from forgotten and that a Maquis fanatic is plotting to capture the ship...

Repression would really have worked better as a season two or three episode but despite its untimely location it serves up a good deal of suspense and tension. The fact that part of the action is set against a screening of Revenge of the Creature - in 3D - improves things still further and although the final resolution is a little too glib there's plenty to recommend it as a stand alone episode.


Anthony Clark