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Storage 24 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Christian Henson
Screamworks Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 08 January 2013

Written, produced and starring Noel Clarke, Storage 24 is a science fiction thriller where the horrific story takes off when a military plane with highly classified contents crashes in London. The music for the film is written by Christian Henson, the composer who won the 'Best Musical Score' trophy at Screamfest for Black Death and who has recently written the score for another sci-fi feature, the award-winning Grabbers as well as features such as Triangle, Severance and The Secret of Moonacre. Henson's contemporary score for Storage 24 features eerie atmospheric writing, engaging action tracks and effective themes that recall the writing of Hans Zimmer while retaining the unique voice of Christian Henson...

When I originally saw Storage 24, I have to admit that I wasn't overly impressed with it as a movie - it was fun enough, but nothing special. The most notable aspect that I warmed to though was the film's main theme. It was simple yet rather haunting. When I received the soundtrack to review I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Christian Henson was the composer.

However, other than the main theme (which is echoed throughout the score) there's very little of substance here. It's mainly atmospheric filler material designed to heighten the tension of the film. While it works well in the movie, it falls a little flat when listened to in isolation.

The score contains 18 tracks and lasts for 44 min, 01 sec.


Darren Rea

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