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Original Comic Book Score


Composers: various
Label: Lakeshore Records
Release Date: 18 September 2015

Lakeshore Records release the various composers companion album for the comic book series Wednesday. Wednesday tells the story of a young girl named “Wednesday” who is dissatisfied with her life hiding under a scrap yard. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Wednesday’s father is kidnapped by bounty hunters. To save him, Wednesday ventures into the unknown with her only friends; sock monkeys Manny, Moe and Jack. Armed with only her wits and driving a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, Wednesday must overcome bandits, killer robots and a deadly assassin from the past...

The soundtracks for Wednesday represent an interesting experiment. Two albums have been released to capture the essence of the story and provide further atmosphere to the comic book series. Personally, I think it's an impressive undertaking that adds another layer to the immersive experience of reading the comics, and both this score and the various artists scoundtrack really show the attention to detail that the project's creators have gone to for their fans.

The score contains 17 tracks (45 min, 36 sec) with the main composers being Daniel Davies, John Bergin and Geno Lenardo. The music is electronic in it's construction, which helps to capture the post apocalypic surroundings of the story. In a lot of instances I was reminded of the output of Orbital (only more mellow and less dance based).

It's an enjoyable album and one that works well for any comic book series you're currently reading. I found that it actually added another layer as I read The Walking Dead comic books.

Track listing:

01 - 'The True Story Of Wednesday' - Daniel Davies
02 - 'Wasteland' - John Bergin
03 - 'Here They Come' - John Bergin feat. Defrag Taiko
04 - 'Satellite' - Daniel Davies
05 - 'Rat Attack/Blixa Rises' - Daniel Davies & Geno Lenardo
06 - 'Never Let Her Go' - Daniel Davies & Geno Lenardo
07 - 'The Birth Of Tiny Deadly Machines' - John Bergin
08 - 'The Swarm' - Geno Lenardo
09 - 'Wednesday’s Alcove' - Daniel Davies
10 - 'Downshift' - Haauk feat. John Bergin
11 - 'Sock Monkeys' - Corridor feat. John Bergin
12 - 'Escape From Escape' - John Bergin feat. Crime Lords of 1982
13 - 'Wednesday Captured' - Daniel Davies
14 - 'The Scrapyard Burns' - Daniel Davies
15 - 'Sledgehammer Battle' - Geno Lenardo
16 - 'Makita' - Geno Lenardo
17 - 'Sock Monkeys Save Wednesday' - Geno Lenardo


Darren Rea

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