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Carter Burwell: Music for Film


Composer: Carter Burwell
Performed by: Brussels Philharmonic
Conductor: Dirk Brosse
Label: Silva Screen Records
SILCD1578 (CD), SILED1587 (download)
Release Date: 19 October 2018

Silva Screen Records release Carter Burwell: Music for Film, the first ever overview of Burwell's film music work, selected and approved by the artist. Supported by the Film Fest Gent’s World Soundtrack Awards, this is the fifth release from the series and fourth on Silva Screen Records. Each year an outstanding film music composer is invited to present their work during the annual World Soundtrack Awards Gala & Concert and this year’s (2018) guest of honour is Carter Burwell...

Carter Burwell is a composer whose work I've occasionally collected. I still enjoy his weird and off-the-wall score to the weird and off-the-wall movie Being John Malkovich, but he's not a composer I've really followed over the years - other than when we've been sent his album's for review (Anomalisa; Carol; The Family Fang; The Fifth Estate; The Founder; Goodbye Christopher Robin; Mr. Holmes; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; Wonderstruck).

Listening to the music as a collection I was surprised to discover how similar in style (there's almost a theme that straddles both pieces) 'Puppet Love' (Being John Malkovich) and 'The Trial of Ed Crane' (The Man Who Wasn’t There) are.

The LP contains 19 tracks (56 min, 20 sec) and its a credit to both conductor Dirk Brosse and the players of the Brussels Philharmonic that the tracks are as close to the original recordings as it's possible to get.

This album is the perfect introduction to the composer's work and may inspire you to pick up some of his albums. Burwell is known for his contribution to the Coen Brothers films, a collaboration that started in 1984 with Blood Simple, followed by Miller’s Crossing, Fargo and No Country for Old Men - some of which are represented here.

Track listing:

01. Miller’s Crossing - End Credits
02. Fargo - Fargo, North Dakota
03. The Spanish Prisoner
04. Gods and Monsters - Friend?
05. Being John Malkovich - Puppet Love
06. The Man Who Wasn’t There - The Trial of Ed Crane
07. In Bruges - Prologue / Medieval Waters
08. Twilight - Bella’s Lullaby
09. A Serious Man
10. True Grit - River Crossing / Talk About Suffering / The Wicked Flee
11. Mildred Pierce - Opening Titles
12. Olive Kitteridge - Olive Opening
13. Carol - Opening
14. Anomalisa - Overture
15. The Founder - Flags and Steeples
16. Hail, Caesar! - 5A.M. / Hail, Caesar!
17. Goodbye Christopher Robin - Drawing Pooh
18. Wonderstruck - Silent Whispers / Little Girl, Big City
19. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - My Dear Anne / Billboards on Fire


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