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Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: Barry Gray
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
SILCD1591 (CD), SILCD1591 (download), SILLP1591 (vinyl)
Release Date: 20 March 2020

Supercar – the show that launched Gerry and Sylvia Anderson into the world of science fiction. Two series, 39 episodes, one square-jawed hero: Mike Mercury. And of course the star of the series, the eponymous Supercar, a flying vehicle that could travel anywhere including under the sea...

It wouldn’t be too far of a leap to suggest that this show gave birth to Thunderbirds and Stingray. In fact, the Supercar lab is one of the buildings that gets blown up in the final shot of the Thunderbirds title sequence. And, perhaps more importantly, some of the music on this CD also makes an appearance.

Barry Gray, the composer of the fab tracks on this release, was a master of mood. He could write a short snipped – barely seconds long – that would capture the moment, enhancing the on-screen action to perfection. I truly believe that the puppets in these shows were partly given life by the music that accompanied their adventures. Try to imagine the puppet world of Gerry and Sylvia without Barry Gray’s input… yes, you see what I mean.

And this is where it all started – Supercar. And what a start it is… all the Barry Gray touches are here, from happy to sad, from impending danger to miraculous escape. I must admit I’m no fan of the theme song but others will doubtless sing along. However, with highlights such as ‘Full Boost Vertical’, a cracking Barry march, to ‘The Headhunters of Sargon’ with its Hood-like melody there’s plenty to enjoy.

‘Jail Break’ rolls out a theme that would reappear, albeit revised, in Stingray and finally Thunderbirds, in the episode 'The Man from MI5'. And of course no review could fail to mention ‘City Lights’, 57 seconds that graced the exploits of International Rescue many, many times. ‘What Goes Up’ even hints at UFO or the Mysteron city from Captain Scarlet.

So should you buy this release? Yes, of course you should – it’s great fun and although there was better to come from Barry Gray this still stands head and shoulders above pretty much any TV soundtrack from this era.


Anthony Clark

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