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Original Soundtrack


Composer: Jamal Green
Label: Milan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 June 2020

Milan Records releases the original soundtrack for the console game Skelattack with music by composer, musician and producer Jamal Green. Konami Digital Entertainment’s indie game sees players explore a vast subterranean world as Skully, working to protect the dungeon’s riches whilst unlocking its story...

While Skelattack is an enjoyable enough platformer, it's hardly likely to set the gaming world on fire. However, possibly one of the most impressive aspect is the music. To be honest, when playing the game I only noticed the music a handful of times. 'Escape!' was the one theme I did instantly recognise from my time playing the game. But when listened to in isolation, this score comes vividly to life

Jamal Green delivers a truly inspired work here. Fans of Danny Elfman's work as well as Carter Burwell's delightfully off-kilter music for Being John Malkovich (1999) will feel right at home here.

Talking about the project, Green said: "As soon as I saw Skelattack, I Instinctively knew what sound palette I needed to create the score. Inspired by Danny Elfman’s fantastic score for The Nightmare Before Christmas, I could instantly imagine the woody tones of marimbas, woodblocks and shakers to remind the audience of the hollow rattling of bones and the scraping of peculiarly pitched ribs. The music I wrote towards the end of Skelattack’s development is a lot “broader” and much more filmic and I think that gives the soundtrack a lot to offer. Skelattack has an amazing narrative and I think the music (and its creation) follows the same arch – From humble beginnings to a grand, climactic conclusion and a lot of character development along the way!"

The employment of castanets and xylophone (I'm guessing) really does help to add a comedic touch from time to time, bringing Skully's boney form to life. It's a fun, quirky and unusual score that is well worth seeking out.


Darren Rea

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