Format: PS2
Take 2 Interactive

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Age Restrictions: 12+
24 February 2006

Set in old Europe, the player takes on the role of the seductive princess Allura, who after being framed for her father's murder, is forced to flee the castle to take refuge from those that are out to kill her. Allura, along with her maid Rachel, escape to the Black Forest, where an evil spell from the devil transforms Allura into a trap master, an evil temptress that uses deadly traps to avenge her enemies. Returning to the castle with the devil as her guide and on a mission of vengeance, Allura uses her wicked strategy and skill to set up gruesome medieval traps to lure her enemies in and then destroy them...

Trapt, or Kagero 2: Dark Illusion as it's also known, is a bit of an odd game to pin down. While the basic premise is fun - set up traps to kill your enemies - it starts to get a little too repetitive a little too quickly.

You play the part of a princess who has been framed for the murder of her father, the king. Your maid, Rachel, saw everything and knows that you are not the guilty party - although who is going to believe a servant? As the palace send guards and other assorted characters after you, your quest is to kill them before they kill you, hoping that somewhere along the line you will be able to prove your innocence.

You can set a variety of traps that come in three main categories - traps that are sprung from the air, walls or ground. These include swinging pendulums, bombs and arrows that fly through the air. Or you can crush your enemies against a moving wall, or have them sucked towards a huge magnetic panel (if they are wearing a suit of armour).

My biggest moan (and it is a huge sticking point) is the fact that you can't change the camera controls to your exact preferences - you only get a choice of switching the horizontal or the vertical, not both. You get a choice of two control settings, but you can't change the horizontal and vertical control of the camera. If you're used to inverting the left and right control and the up and down movement, then you are going to be reaching for the off button before too long as it's essential in this game that you can quickly check where your enemy is in the room.

It also doesn't help that this game seems to offer little in the way of new and exciting levels. You'll keep on setting the same traps time and time again (because they take the most health off your enemies) and be reluctant to move on and try other things (or move to other rooms).

As the most satisfying element is setting traps and watching the enemy get clobbered, maybe a better game to buy would be Spy Vs Spy. This is certainly a game I'd advise trying before buying.

Pete Boomer

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