Destroy All Humans! 2
Make War Not Love!

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 15+
20 October 2006

Crypto returns to take on the world of free love, the Cold War and other 60's era clichés, causing destruction around the globe with an upgraded arsenal of alien weaponry and enhanced mental abilities - battling a variety of enemies from secret agents and giant creatures, to Soviet Forces and ninja warriors...

The sequel to the widely acclaimed hit Destroy All Humans! enters the swinging sixties with all new game features, expanded open-world gameplay and a co-op multiplayer mode. Set a decade after the first game, Crypto is dead but his clone is alive and well and itching to carry on where his predecessor left off.

For the most part this sequel is very similar to the first game. However, there are quite a few tweaks that make playing the game a whole different experience. For starters a few new weapons have been introduced - including a disc locator. This handy weapon fires a disc at your enemy which picks up anything in it's path and throws it across the room, while the disc itself bounces off walls looking for another victim.

Other areas that have been tweaked include your ability to blend in with the humans. Instead of creating a holo-human, as in the previous game, you can now bodysnatch a human and walk around pretending to be them. You only have a limited time inside their body, and should anyone see you snatching a body (or spot you as an alien), you'll have to perform a mass hallucination (called "Free Love") which makes any witnesses dance like crazy and forget they ever saw you. While inside a human skin, you can make other humans follow you (so that, when you have used up the time in the body you are in, you can make a quick body swap without having to scour the surrounding area for another victim) or you can make a cop or army officer "protect" you. This means that should anyone realise who you are and start attacking you, the official who is protecting you will open fire.

You can also jump in your space craft at any time and grab a few humans to experiment on in your gene lab these help to give your character ability upgrades.

This time around your adventure is not confined to the USA. If you complete enough missions you'll soon be saucering off to Japan, the UK and Russia in a bid to cause more mayhem. And should you get tired of causing trouble alone, you can invite a friend to help you cause destruction - thanks to the game's co-op mode.

There are still a few niggles I had with this game - the most annoying being the length of some of the missions. Get killed and you have to start from scratch again - usually by going to find your alien leader and taking your orders again.

If you were a fan of the original game then you'll totally fall in love with this upgraded and more intense sequel.

Pete Boomer

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