CT Special Forces
Fire for Effect

Format: PS2
Hip Interactive

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Age Restrictions: 16+
01 April 2005

You are part of an elite force fighting against counter terrorism. Your team is made up of two crack agents poised to react to any threat. Stealth Owl is an infiltration expert whose skills are accuracy and skydiving. Raptor uses weapons of mass destruction and favours close combat. Your main objective is to dismantle the Nemesis network and retrieve the stolen technology, but by changing the chemical properties of certain proteins the terrorists have made their fighters much more aggressive...

Fire for Effect, CT, CT Special Forces, CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect, or whatever the hell you want to call this rather poorly titled release, is not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination. Nor does it ooze originality. You may see it as a poor man's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and to some extent it is. But don't dismiss it so quickly because this does have something to offer.

The gameplay is solid, and the opening training sessions are essential in order for you to get used to using your weapons as well as sneaking around in the dark. There are a number of cool weapons at your disposal - I especially liked the electromagnetic grenades, which attract all metal objects in the immediate vicinity.

I also loved the introduction of the free-fall mode. This sees you hurtling through the air shooting baddies from all angles. This mode is spread quite thinly throughout the levels - which is a good thing as I can imagine that after a while it might get a little dull. But, in short bursts, it is incredibly satisfying.

Sadly this feels like it was rushed to the market a little too quickly. Better production values and this could have been one hell of a game. As it is though, it's not bad at all.

Pete Boomer

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