Chaos League
Sudden Death

Format: PC
Digital Jesters

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Age Restrictions: 12+
05 August 2005

The chaos is back!
Chaos League: Sudden Death takes off where the original game left off, improved and enhanced to take the real-time, role-playing strategy sports title into a whole new world of pain. The first rule of Chaos League is simple: there are no rules. The aim of the game stays the same score as many goals as possible and in any way possible...

For those of you who bought the original Chaos League game, this represents more of the same - only with extra races, additional sports arenas, and the option to attack the referee. In multiplayer mode opponents can also goad each other via microphone.

Anyone remember Blood Bowl? No? Just me then? Blood Bowl was a Games Workshop board game which pitted a team of Orcs against a team of Dwarfs in a futuristic bloodsport version of American football.

Chaos League is probably best described as a computerised version of Blood Bowl, but with a lot more going on. It combines real-time strategy, RPG and sports. Don't expect any sort of fair-play. However, if your feel the current sports games on offer are lacking such moves as "stamp", "high facial kick", "holding on the ground", "force passage" or "ball of fire", then you could just have found the game of your dreams.

Before you start playing you can choose your level. For the novice it's best to start at the lowest setting - that way you won't have to worry about magic attacks and some of the more complicated elements of game play. For those who are Chaos League fanatics, you'll be able to dive straight into the higher levels without too many problems.

Before a match you can bribe the referee so that he conveniently looks the other way while you pummel your opponents, or cheat your way to the other side's goal. And while in the game you can use magic to attack your opponents (turn them into blocks of ice or have them struck by lightening) or whip up the crowd into a frenzy.

The commentators will make you smile. It has just the right balance of twisted humour to make you stop concentrating on the game play too hard.

In all honesty though, this game is not a giant leap forward from the original game (which is included on this disc too), so if you already own the original version, I really wouldn't advise buying Sudden Death.

But if you don't already own the first game then you might like to give this a try. Good fun and pretty cheap too.

Nick Smithson

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