The Best of Thunderbirds
Original Television Soundtrack

Composer: Barry Gray
Silva Screen
RRP: £10.95
SILCD 1195
Available 14 November 2005

In the autumn of 1965 a new television series hit the screen which took Gerry Anderson's productions into a new dimension. Forty years on,
Thunderbirds remains as popular today as it was then, with Barry Gray's music a key element. This 2 CD compilation features the very best tracks from previous releases Thunderbirds and
Thunderbirds 2. Added to this are a selection of unreleased tracks, titles new to CD and a CD-Rom feature...

The music for Thunderbirds remains one of the best-loved scores in UK TV history and thanks to Silva Screen we've recently had the chance to listen to much of it, lovingly restored and packaged across two CDs. So do we really need a double disc Best of... collection from the same company?

The short answer is no. The extra material on disc one amounts to just a few seconds which could/should have been included on the first set of releases. Disc two, however, is a little different in that it includes a whole load of CD-ROM content. Basically it's copies of publicity material for Thunderbirds from the last 40 years. A good idea in principal, but rather disappointing in practice. Don't expect anything too exciting.

Disc two also contains a number of comedy songs featuring the swinging pop pairing of Parker and Lady Penelope - perhaps the Sonny and Cher of puppets? Again, this is hardly the stuff of dreams and really won't be calling out for repeat playing although it's still nice to have, I guess.

So all in all, this release offers little new of real interest to fans of the show although it's still hard to complain too much as the music remain great no matter how many times you own it.

Anthony Clark

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